Shylock Sings the Blues

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Right NOW

In VERMONT -sound engineer gus getting final mix ready for Lane to master. 
  The album will contain 11 great blues/gospel songs that make up Shylock
Sings the Blues.
In HAWAII we are shooting a Music video  of “Shylock: I shall have
 my bond. ” A scathing lowdown blues song where Dennis stings it on the Guitar. Here the characters and the story will be introduced with music and visuals. Look for dark natural wonders, mysterious charactors and maybe a film noir animation. All in three minutes.
In Brooklyn,New York, Randy, the graphic designer, is taking David’s art and text and designing a Booklet that tells the story and presents each song visually and with captions.

Given that the story deals with bigotry we are proud to say our crew is made up of Jews, Italians, people of color,Wasps and the best bunch of creative  folks around. If everyone stood up to bigotry the way Shylock has, fearlesly risking loosing everything, maybe we would all get along.

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  1. [...] Blues by The Venetians. Lyrics by David Sokol, Music by Dennis Willmott. Produced by David Sokol. Shylock Sings the Blues is available at and at CD [...]

  2. chuck says:

    I was at the Sunday afternoon performance of Shylok sings the blues. My expectations were surpassed. Great acting. Great band. Great play. Great singing. Glad I got there early for a seat.

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